House Concerts

Imagine the best seat in the house is your favorite seat in your house!

Every seat offers a front row experience. You and your guests gathered in y our living room, experiencing an evening of wonderful music, stories and conversation.

The house concert experience combines the best features of a concert with the comfort of sitting around the kitchen table.

Is it expensive to host a House Concert?

Ideally, there is no expense for the host on the night of the event other than optional food and drink for your guests. Many hosts suggest guests bring snacks or beverages while others hold a potluck.

What is a good donation to suggest for guests?

My personal feeling is House Concerts are about bring friends family and community together, money is secondary. The best local indicator for “Suggested” donations is the cost of a night out at the movies in your community.  It works best is the host introduces the performer and asks guests to be as generous as they can.

How many people are needed for a successful House Concert?

I have played house concerts for 6 to 60. Personally, I am  honored the be invited into your home  to share fellowship and music… The size of group is unimportant but the more the merrier.

I don't think my house is big enough. Can I still host a House Concert?

Most people are surprised at how many people can be seated comfortably in a living room. Using concert-style row seating, with kitchen or dining room chairs and some furniture rearranging, an average 12 X 18 living room can comfortably seat 35 people.

If your home is absolutely too small, consider hosting the concert jointly with a friend who has a larger home, or in your condominium common room, or in the boardroom at your office. In warm weather, you might prefer to hold your concerts outdoors in a backyard or on a deck. But be sure to arrange an alternative rain site, just in case.

How long is a House Concert?

Two 45-minute sets with a 20-30 minute intermission are typical. This format can be tailored to each individual situation.

Will a sound system be required?

In most instances, a sound system is not required. In the rare cases where it is needed, Skip  provides an appropriate sound system.

How do I attract an audience?

Invite friends and neighbors via post cards, phone calls or e-mails. Check with performers to see if they have a local fan list.

Any other suggestions?

Yes! Make sure artist and guests alike are aware of house rules. Smoking? Alcoholic beverages? Children? Etc… But most of all, have fun!
For more information or to arrange for your own House Concert use my Contact Form to send me an email.