Accessible Arts Programs

Young Artists Workshops

As a visiting artist to The Young Artist Workshops since 1989, Skip has found that those referred to as “disabled” are most often the truly gifted and talented, and feels that it is our responsibility to assure that our schools, services providers and communities are accessible to all people. This includes access to interactive participation in the arts and humanities.

Young Artist Workshops brings accessible arts to children with disabilities. Every summer since 1984, up to 180 young artists representing a wide range of the human condition, have participated in the YAW program at St. Norbert’s College in De Pere, Wisconsin.

Under the direction of Chuck Peterson from the Adaptive Education Department of St. Norbert’s accomplished artists, musicians, volunteers and teachers of all disciplines, cultures, interests and backgrounds arrive from all over the world. For three weeks, they share their talents and lives with the young student artists. The enthusiastic students and their mentors paint, sing, act, photograph, computerize, play, communicate, nurture and create. The experience is life changing.

For more information on these services, contact Skip Jones at (715) 881-1919 or use the Contact Page to contact him by email.