School Programs

Skip Jones has been working in schools across the midwest for over 30 years. He delivers his message of respect and tolerance through songs, stories and a little bit of grandfathers’ wisdom in a variety of programs that are focused on respect, anti-bullying, the environment, diversity, culture, exploration, and of course music.

The following are examples of what Skip brings to his school presentations.

Be A HERO (Helping Everyone Respect Others)

Bully-Free Schools program promoting respect, character development, and safe school environments.

The Story Blanket

Focused on learning and appreciating cultural diversity and the environment. A motivational program encouraging curiosity and exploration of the world around us.

Music In My Mother’s House

Making music with the heart… and Skip’s unique and diverse instruments from all around the world.

Artist in Residencies

All of Skip’s programs can be offered as residencies lasting from 1 day to 2 weeks. Residencies include 6-8 school presentations per day, an all school assembly, staff in-service, and can include an evening community concert.

For more information on these services, contact Skip Jones at (715) 881-1919 or use the Contact Page to contact him by email.