About Skip Jones

Folksinger, Storyteller & Educator

Skip Jones - Wisconsin Folksinger, Storyteller and Educator

Skip Jones

For over 40 years I have been sharing songs and stories with audiences of all types and sizes.

Some songs come from the giants of Americana music – giants such as Woody Guthrie. Others are from some of the great folk singers I have had the privilege of working with over the years, such as my old friend and mentor U. Utah Phillips, Guy Carawan, Bill Stanes and Larry Long. On occasion, I may also sneak in a few songs I have written myself.

The stories come from my travels around the world as a navy veteran and performer, and from my own back yard surrounded by members of the Mohican Nation in Northeast Wisconsin.

They also come from the lives and observations of thousands of “regular” yet very special people I have entertained, from ages 3 to 108.

I am a musical activist for many issues from clean water to respecting each other, and my convictions work their way into my music and stories.

Beyond my own performances I have organized and directed festivals and concert series, introduced House Concerts to the Midwest and beyond, provided high-quality sound engineering for folk festivals and cultural events, and have produced and recorded albums for local, regional and national artists.

For more information on my performances and educational programs, contact me at (715) 881-1919 or use the Contact Page to contact me by email.


Skip’s guitars were both custom-built to his exacting specifications by a master luthier, Curtis Rockwell.  Here you can see the guitars going through several stages of their construction.