Elder Programs

Skip has visited 4,000+ senior centers, nursing homes, assisted living facilities, and memory care units in the past 40+ years. He is always well received and connects in a sincere and loving way with elders of all backgrounds.

Seniors who have experienced Skip’s performances express that they love him, his music, and say they look forward to his next visit.

Skip is an adaptive performer combining music, stories and humor in a way that invokes memories and helps our elders celebrate life, family and community.

More than entertainment, Skip’s programs touch all eight essential elements of good Senior programming. Through his songs and stories, his performances touch the intellectual, psychological, emotional, spiritual, occupational, inter-generational, special interests and community contact.

He sings the old songs that elders joyously sing along with. His stories inspire them to tell theirs, reminding them of days past and their younger selves. Each visit becomes a warm experience for residents and staff alike.

For more information on these services, contact Skip Jones at (715) 881-1919 or use the Contact Page to contact him by email.