Thank A Veteran Response Card

Quite often when I mention my time in the Navy, a common reaction these days is for people to say to me, “Thank you for your service”.

I appreciate their sentiment and I say so. At the same time I find myself wanting to suggest that while their expression of gratitude for my own time of service in the Navy is much appreciated (especially compared to those times in my younger days when such service was most definitely NOT something for which gratitude was expressed), that there is so much more that they could actually DO to put substance to their gratitude, in ways that will profoundly affect and benefit those veterans of all branches who have served, in EVERY generation.

From that was born the idea of these cards with their simple message, that I could hand to well-wishers, providing a few options for putting their kind words and sentiments into action.

You can download these high-definition images below, and take them to your local printer to have made into a simple two-sided card – it could be a business card size or something larger (I like a business card size as it is easy to carry with me).

Another option online is, where¬† you can upload the graphic images, select a few options (size, stock thickness, glossy coat, etc), and in a week or two receive a supply of these cards to give away, or to share with members of your local veteran’s group.